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Novated lease FAQs

What’s included?

What’s included in the monthly payments?

Finance, insurance, fuel, servicing, tyres, general maintenance, roadside assistance, accident management, servicing ‘check’ (where we make sure you’re not being taken for a ride when your car gets a check-up), and a management fee.

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Can anyone drive my car?

Can I let anyone drive my car?

Yes, the fully comprehensive fleet insurance we have allows anyone with a valid driving licence, and your permission, to be covered while driving your car.

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Is it just business use?

Do I have to use the car for work?

No, salary packaging a car is the only way you can get a tax benefit on a car that you don’t use for work. If you do use the car for work, there are different tax strategies within novated that can deliver even more tax savings.

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“After the decision on the car was made, every call I got was to update me on the progress. I don’t think I had to make a single call. The process was seamless.”

Aaron S, NSW

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