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I’m a sole trader
looking for car finance

Look no further

I’m a sole trader looking for car finance

There are lots of ways to finance a car as a sole trader, and apart from ‘cash’ they’re all far from straightforward. If you want to make the right decision, you need to get to the bottom of what’s the cheapest, most tax-effective way of owning the car, given your specific circumstances.

How much business use will there be? How many kilometres are you likely to drive every year? Is it a specialist kind of vehicle? As a sole trader you can access commercial car finance, and consumer car finance options, so you need to determine which is the best from that regard too.

More than 50% business use?

If you have more than 50% business use, a chattel mortgage may well be the most tax-effective car finance method, and a chattel mortgage from Autopia will also give you fleet discounts on purchase price, and wrap all your expenses into one set monthly cost. We’ll even take care of all the hard work for you at end of financial year, to ensure you get the maximum amount of tax deductions!

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