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Welcome to Autopia

Important information about your novated lease transition

Welcome to Autopia

From August 2019, your existing novated lease, currently managed by Pay-Plan will be transitioned to the Autopia novated leasing platform. Pay-Plan and Autopia will work closely to ensure a seamless transition process.

Please refer to our FAQ section below for any questions you may have about the transition of your novated lease to Autopia.


What happens to my fuel cards?
Will I still have comprehensive insurance on a fleet insurance policy?
Will there be any changes to the finance of my novated lease?
How do I arrange and pay for servicing?
Am I covered for roadside assistance?
How do I manage registration and CTP renewals?
Are the admin fees on my current novated lease changing?
Who do I contact if I need help with anything related to my lease?
What do I need to do now?
Can I still submit claims for expenses incurred prior to Autopia taking over my novated lease?
How do I access Autopia's Driver Portal?
What about my privacy?

Important Documents


Autopia Roadside Assistance (NRMA)

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Vero Insurance

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