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What’s a
chattel mortgage?

Tax effective car ownership for people with business use.

A chattel mortgage is an extremely tax-effective car finance product that requires an element of business use, or the vehicle to be owned by a company or Trust. Like a mortgage on your house, it’s a loan that you pay back on a monthly basis. You own the vehicle but the finance company holds a mortgage on the car (the ‘chattel’) as security. A chattel mortgage can be in your name, a business name or a Trust’s name, depending on which delivers the greatest tax savings.

Do I qualify for a chattel mortgage?

If you have more than 50% business use, or you put the vehicle in the name of a company or Trust, it can be financed with a chattel mortgage. If you’re a sole trader, business owner or company director, it could be just what you’re looking for.

What’s a fully maintained chattel mortgage?

While a regular chattel mortgage only includes finance, Autopia’s fully maintained chattel mortgage, Go Drive Business, wraps the finance and all the running costs into one set monthly payment – giving you financial certainty and making your life easier.

How much can I save?

That depends, if you ask us to help  we’ll save you thousands on purchase price for starters, then you’ll save on servicing, tyres & repairs, and you’ll save a huge amount of time as we take care of your tax deductions at the end of the financial year for you.

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