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The most advanced car salary packaging program in existence

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You can’t get intelligent car ownership anywhere else

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The benefits of car salary packaging

Car salary packaging is where a novated lease is used to package all the costs of an employee’s car, into their salary. The employer pays for the car (finance, insurance, fuel, servicing & repairs) and then recovers the costs from the employee’s salary, much of it before tax. It’s the most financially powerful employee benefit around, and it can also reduce your company’s payroll tax, at no cost to the business.



Increase employee engagement

As a key part of an overall reward and remuneration strategy, car salary packaging can help increase employee engagement.



Reduce tax

Reduce the company’s payroll tax

When an employee novates a car, their taxable income reduces. This reduces the organisation’s payroll tax and workers’ compensation premiums. So, as more employees salary package their cars, your business becomes more profitable.

Save $5,203

Employees save $5,203 a year

That’s how much the average Autopia driver saved on tax per car in 2019, just by salary packaging a car with us– at no cost to the business.


Be more competitive in the fight for talent

Many organisations already allow their employees to salary package their cars. If you’re the only one who doesn’t, you could end up having to offer larger salaries to remain competitive.

It’s free

Salary packaging cars is free for the business

There’s no cost to the business at all. Employees pay for the service out of their greatly increased tax savings..


If your employees receive a salary and pay tax through the PAYG system, then yes, they’re eligible to salary package their cars.

– No business use required

– Package a new, or used car

– Package two cars

– Package a car they already own


“I would rate Autopia’s services as best in class from both the business and employee perspective. I have dealt with a number of leasing/salary packaging providers and Autopia clearly stands out..”

Robert Z, NSW

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