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A novated lease
from Autopia?

Find out why it’s the the most tax-effective way to run a car

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Why choose Autopia?

Tax strategies

Greatest tax savings possible

We’ve studied harder than everybody else, and our vehicle, finance and tax expertise is unmatched in the industry. No matter who you are, what your circumstances, we’ll help you achieve greater tax savings than you would have thought possible. What you do with the money then, is up to you.

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Vehicle advice

Save thousands before you buy

If you like, we can help steer you away from the worst offenders when it comes to depreciation, saving you thousands – before you even buy your car!

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Buying power

Save thousands when you buy

You’ll get fleet discounts on purchase price, you’ll never have to talk to a car salesman again, and thanks to our industry contacts you can get used to discounts on servicing, tyres, windscreens, batteries & repairs.

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One set cost

Financial certainty with one set monthly cost

At the beginning of the process we forecast all of the running costs for your car, for as long as you plan to hold onto it. Then we wrap them all into one set monthly cost. That includes fuel, finance payments, insurance, servicing, general maintenance… everything.

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We do all the work, all you do is drive

We’ll manage your receipts and tax deductions, renew your comprehensive insurance, and if anything happens on the road just give us a call. If your problem can’t be solved over the phone, a response unit will be dispatched immediately.

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“Working with Jamie made the entire process simple, easily understood and completely painless.”

Toby McKinnon, NSW

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